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So...whose job is it?

Let me share a story with you, one that is not unique or isolated, but that stopped me dead in my tracks and compelled me to share it.It’s not necessarily a new story, and the responses are not going to shock you, but if you read this story, I hope you’ll ask yourself the question above.
Across the globe there are people in need, animals in need, countries in need and so many demands that it seems overwhelming. Sometimes you wonder where to start.
I started with something I’m really passionate about and baby steps that can hopefully make a small impact. I’m an animal lover, and have had rescue dogs my entire life. My baby step was fostering rescues, and then volunteering to help rescue dogs.
Now, I play competitive sports and my sport is taking me to places farther from my home. With a world competition coming up in my own country, it presented an opportunity to help the local community with their overpopulation challenges. In fact, over 63 communities that are overpopulated with dogs…

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